Jurilovca village is located in central-southern part of Tulcea county, and there are the next administrative areas in it's neighborhood:

North: Sarikioi village
South: Constanta county
East: Razelm (Razim) Lake
West: Ceamurlia de Jos village

There is the "DJ 222" county-road that crosses the village Jurilovca from north to the south.

The nearest cities are:

Constanta - 89 km
Tulcea - 55 km
Babadag - 32 km

The nearest airports:

Mikhail Kogalniceanu (Tulcea county)
Mikhail Kogalniceanu (Constanta county)

Harta localităţii Jurilovca
Map of Jurilovca village

Jurilovca   Salcioara   Vishina
Postal Code: 827115
Area: 232,86 ha
Population: 2.899 loc.
No. of houses: 1.099
  Postal Code: 827116
Area: 123,94 ha
Population: 1.406 loc.
No. of houses: 446
  Postal Code: 827117
Area: 245,83 ha
Population: 879 loc.
No. of houses: 309

Jurilovca has a continental climate with hot summers and small rains. Usually, there are warm winters, but strong winds.

Medium annual temperature: 11o C.

Precipitations (rains, snows etc.): 400 ml/m2/an.


Useful Phone Numbers *

  Jurilovca City Hall


  Jurilovca Police 56.37.01
  Jandarms 56.37.06
  Border Police 56.37.90
  Medical Center 56.37.02
  Post Office 56.37.13
  People's Bank 56.37.89
  Port Control 56.37.23
  Weather Station 56.37.05
  Cleaning Station 56.37.87
  Jurilovca School 56.37.70
  Salcioara School 56.37.85
  Vishina School 56.37.03
  Salcioara Parish


  Electrica SA 56.37.86
  Piscicola Tour


  Novilact SRL 56.37.67

   * for calls from the outside of Tulcea county, 0240 regional code is needed;
   * for international calls, +4 0240 or 004 0240 regional code is needed.


Mobile Telephony (signal level)






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